Professor Ronny Lis is a Jiu-Jiu fourth-degree black belt and professional MMA fighter who has more than a decade of teaching experience. He has studied Brazilian jiu-jitsu for more than 20 years, beginning his training with Master Instructor Deoclecio Paulo in 1995.

Ronny is certified by Master Paulo and was awarded his black belt in 2005. A native of Brasilia, Brazil, Ronny successfully operated five jiu-jitsu academies before moving to the United States (ATX) in 2009. He teaches students from ages 4 to 60, and at all levels of interest and experience in martial arts. Ronny is the progeny of an impressive Brazilian martial arts tradition: He traces his lineage directly to Mitsuyo Maeda, one of the pioneers who introduced jiu-jitsu to Brazil.

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